Jerome Downes

Sept 16, 2015

I met Jerome in Bangkok, Thailand in early 2004, when went to attend the Landmark Forum with him. What a wonderful experience, its true when they say, to be a teacher is the highest station in life as you touch people’s lives like never before. Here’s a link to a site dedicated to him.

Imagine myself living thousands of miles away and still remember him fondly 11 years after I first met him. Jerome was and is an amazing teacher where ever he is now, perhaps still teaching somewhere. He left this temporal abode in Dec 2009. Here is thinking of you Jerome!

He used to say about love having no choice as a person standing in front of a fireplace saying, “If you give me fire, I will give you wood. ..just keep feeding it wood and it would have no choice but to give you fire”  He used to also say ” for me to do this work, I cant even be present in this room”

Thank you Jerome for coming into my life and transforming it for ever!